8 Reasons to use Synthetic Oil In Your Car

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Reasons to use Synthetic Oil In Your Car


It’s amazing how so many people are buying new and pre-owned vehicles yet don’t understand why you need to change your motor oil frequently. Those that realize the advantage of frequent oil changes perhaps have heard that switching your car to synthetic oil is a good idea. Or maybe someone you know has said synthetic oil is some sort of a scam or is unnecessary. Quite a bit of misinformation about synthetic oil and how it compares to conventional oil is floating around.


To clear things up, the following are some good reasons why you should consider switching to synthetic oil. Of course, you’ll need to make up your own mind, but having accurate information on hand means you can make a better and more educated decision.



Synthetic Oil Explained


Before you can really understand the benefits of synthetic oil, you need to know what it is. Like conventional oil, it comes from crude oil in the ground, which is extracted and then refined. Unlike conventional oil, synthetic is then distilled, then purified, and finally broken into the most basic molecules.


You could say synthetic oil is refined further because it is. Just like regular motor oil, it works to provide a protective coating on engine parts, while also reducing heat and removing impurities. Synthetic oil comes with other benefits.



Better Quality


Thanks to the extra steps in the refining process, full synthetic oil is of superior quality when compared to conventional oil. The distilling and purification process removes contaminants or foreign materials which might be left in otherwise.


Also, the refining process for synthetic oil makes the molecules a consistent size, which in turn results in more consistent coating properties inside an engine. You get superior quality with synthetic oil.



Improved Performance


There’s a reason why high-performance cars these days require synthetic oil. Even a fair amount of European and premium brands like BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche say you cannot use conventional oil. Because the individual molecules in the oil can be tailored to suit the needs of your car’s engine, the result is consistent and uniform coverage.


Synthetic motor oil really does affect engine performance. When you’re demanding a lot from your car, like driving hard, towing, or carrying a lot of weight, synthetic oil helps ensure the different engine components are covered and properly lubricated.





Another key quality of synthetic oil is superior durability. As you might have already guessed, the way synthetic oil is designed means it will protect your engine’s various parts better, and that means everything will last longer. But there’s more than just that.


Synthetic motor oil also lasts longer than conventional oil. You’ll find the change intervals for conventional oil to be shorter, usually by a considerable amount. Just how far you can go between oil changes really depends on your car. The manufacturer or your mechanic can provide a specific mileage recommendation for when to get another oil change. While synthetic oil changes cost more, the fact you can drive longer before needing another cancels out the extra expense.



Fuel Efficiency


Thanks to the unique qualities of synthetic engine oil, your car engine will run far better when using it. That means improved efficiency, which is a big boost for fuel economy.


With the improved lubrication your engine receives from full synthetic oil, it just plain runs with less resistance. In turn, the car doesn’t need to work as hard to go the same distance. Less work means less fuel burnt, so you don’t stop at the pump nearly as often. And that puts more money in your pocket.


Lower Emissions


Most people are concerned about the emissions coming out of their car’s tailpipe and what that means for the environment. After all, we breathe that air, so keeping it as clean as possible is a good thing. One way you can lessen the environmental impact of your car is to use synthetic oil.


Since synthetic motor oil has fewer impurities, your engine puts off fewer emissions. As synthetic oil boosts efficiency, that also reduces emissions. It’s something which will help us all breathe easier.


It Might Be Required


The manufacturer of your car might state that synthetic motor oil is absolutely required for the engine. This often is true with more premium brands or high-performance vehicles.


Look at the owner’s manual to see if this is the case with your car. When automakers say, only synthetic motor oil should be used in a car, not heeding that warning can come with serious and expensive consequences.


Cleaning Deposits


One of the big functions of motor oil is to pick up deposits, which are then removed by the oil filter. With conventional oil, sludge will form after a while, and that creates a real drag on performance as well as efficiency.


When you use synthetic oil in your car, the likelihood of sludge forming is far lower. That means fewer deposits that can really gum up the operation of your car, so everything runs smoother.


Extreme Temperatures


Whether you’re driving in boiling heat or freezing cold temperatures, synthetic oil gives you a leg up versus conventional motor oil. It has been painstakingly engineered to work well in those kinds of extreme conditions.


The problem with extreme heat is that it can break down the oils in your engine faster, which in turn means less protection and the risk of metal-on-metal contact. Synthetic oil literally is more heat resistant, so it doesn’t break down as quickly at high temperatures. That means your engine will last better.


On the flip side, frigid temperatures can cause conventional oil to thicken up, so it won’t flow as freely as it should, leading to improper lubrication for cold starts. Synthetic oil flows better in the cold for improved cold start protection.





The next time you hear someone saying they’re not sure synthetic motor oil is worth the extra expense, you’ll know there are eight major benefits to using it. Combined, they’re plenty of reasons to consider switching from conventional motor oil.


Now that you know the benefits of using synthetic motor oil contact us to schedule a professional oil change for your car.


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