5 Awesome Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking Like New

December 3rd, 2019 by

Do you own a car that’s on the older side and are having trouble looking like new? Are you running out of ideas for how to keep it clean?

If so, then you’ll be happy to know there are certain maintenance practices that’ll do the trick. The goal is to repair minor damage right away before it gets worse, as well as keep an eye on any dirty spots regularly.

With our knowledge of the auto world, you’ll be able to restore your vehicle to its former glory.

Here are five awesome maintenance tips for keeping your car looking like new.


1. Start From the Inside

To keep as much dirt and dust away from your vehicle as possible, you have to start the cleaning process from the inside. If you go for the mud, debris, and other material on the doors or windshield first, then there’s the chance that some of it can creep inside and leave more of a mess to clean up.

We recommend starting with a vacuum so you can get as much dirt and dust as possible in a short amount of time and in small spaces. This tool helps get to small corners where you can’t reach to pull out dust, leaves, and candy wrappers from the other day.

You’ll need to take the floor rugs out and clean them individually to give them the best makeover. Whether you own a new or a used car, you should check on the inside regularly, especially after being out in the rain or having multiple friends inside after a night out.


2. Car Washes

It’s now time to move to the outside of your vehicle, and a car wash is a reliable way to go. We advise regular car washes, as it’s a sign of responsible ownership and will keep your car looking like new for anything the weather or nature throws at it.

You can wash your car yourself if you don’t trust anyone else to treat it with the same care that you provide. Have a hose, sponge, bucket of soap and water, and clothes ready on a sunny day so you get rid of mud, dirt, and bird droppings, and keep the surface smooth.

Some of you may not wash your cars yourselves and trust that practice to the professionals, so going to your local car wash is the way to go. Even if your car has been looking good and hasn’t gone through storms recently, stopping by the local wash once a month won’t hurt.


3. Check Windshields and Mirrors

While car washes can cover a broader range of your vehicle than most methods, there are parts of the car body that need more attention than others. That’s because rocks, leaves, branches, and other debris can find their way into certain parts of the exterior.

After your drives, check the windshield and areas close to the tires for any debris, especially if it was parked under a tree all day. This material can collect moisture if left unattended, which can clog drains. This might lead to leaks and problems with the wiper mechanism.

Your body maintenance should also cover the mirrors, as debris left here can find its way into your car when you open and close the door. The wetter the debris, the quicker you should remove it, as it’ll have an easier time of eventually affecting the inner workings.


4. Waxing

Car maintenance also requires you to keep an eye on anything that can scratch the paint or leave a dent. Even the smallest rock can cause long-lasting damage if the dents are left unattended, and waxing will help you gradually build the outside of the car back up.

If you’re new to maintaining your car on your own, then this is the best time to learn, as well as with car washing. You can use a combination of high-quality wax and a sponge, and don’t start until the car is completely dry after the initial wash.

This process usually takes about an hour, depending on the amount of damage or how new you are to the waxing process. While you may not have to wax your car more than once or twice a year, we recommend giving your vehicle an extra look after driving through an environment full of gravel and debris.


5. Buffing Out

Another way you can repair scratches and dents is with a buffer, especially if you prefer maintenance with more high-tech solutions. You can buy your own electric buffer to do the job yourself, or you can take your vehicle to the local auto shop to have a professional look at it.

Buffing can work for different parts of your car that become targets for debris, including the roof, front, back, and sides. You should also give your headlights and backlights a look to see if there are any scratches or dents you can get rid of.

If you’re more willing to do the buffing yourself, then you can check out instructional videos online to see what mistakes you can avoid as a beginner. It also doesn’t hurt to give target areas another round of buffing if you want to ensure a scratch-free surface.


Our Take on Cars Looking Like New

If you want to make your car look like new, then you’ll have to take certain steps to do as little work as possible. This is also a chance for you to work on your maintenance skills so you don’t always have to take your vehicle out to a professional.

The inside and outside of your car need an equal amount of care, and you’ll need to put in more effort if your car is parked outside or taken through tougher environments.

With these tips, you’ll be able to save money on repairs and replacements, as well as enjoy fresh rides with your car.

If your car is reaching the end of its run, come check out our specials for new vehicles so you can find the car that fits your needs.