10 Key Benefits of Buying a Crossover Vehicle

November 5th, 2019 by

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a crossover!

Officially released in the early 21st century, crossovers made up over 50% of all car sales by 2006 and have continued to grow in popularity since then. You’ve seen them everywhere and read all about them, but what makes the popular crossover vehicle the car of choice for consumers?


1. Styles Keep Changing

You might have noticed that the same handful of crossovers continue to be popular year after year. This is because manufacturers continue to update the style with each release to maintain the integrity of the vehicle while adding new and improved technology and features.

Consider the Chevy Equinox. Released in 2005, the Equinox was Chevy’s first crossover vehicle. With every year that passes, the design of the Equinox becomes new and improved, changing to fit the needs of the consumer. With quality and safety being award-winning features of the Equinox, you’ll never see the same design twice!


2. Lots of Options

Car buyers are also allowed to pick and choose the upgrades featured in the cars they purchase. With an a la carte option, crossovers are more likely to be personalized in a way that fits the needs of the buyer. Gone are the days of purchasing a car and sacrificing your wants. Now you can have the car of your dreams at a price you can afford!


3. More Space

It’s no secret that a crossover vehicle boasts more room for passengers than your normal sedan. With more backseat legroom, those who slide into the backseat are in for a treat with the increase in space.

Crossovers seem to be the top choice for people across the board no matter if you’re a college student hauling your friends around on the weekend or a family of five heading to dinner. With the increase in space, the crossover is quickly replacing the minivan as the top family car.


4. Competitive Pricing

One reason people love crossover vehicles is because of their affordability. With similar features to a full-size SUV, these vehicles are excellent choices for those who are looking for the style of an SUV without the price.

The lower price stems from the fact that manufacturing a crossover is less costly than that of an SUV. Because of the positive consumer response when crossovers first hit the market, manufacturers work hard to keep prices low while incorporating the stylish features buyers love.


5. Easy to Maneuver

No matter where you live, it’s a bonus to have a car that’s easy to maneuver in all terrains. With the body design of the crossover, tight quarters and hard to navigate, spaces are no longer an issue. The length is shorter than that of a traditional SUV, allowing you to weave through traffic, find parking spaces, and make difficult parking garage turns not so difficult.


6. Load It Up

Not only will you have extra space for all your family and friends, but you’ll also have space to haul and carry cargo. The second row of seats in a crossover can lay flat, increasing the amount of space you have for storage.

There is no comparison to the trunk space between your everyday sedan and the crossover. Consider the amount of time you’ll save when running errands or moving junk thanks to the extra space in your trunk.


7. Great Gas Mileage

Although there are many similarities between an SUV and a crossover, one major difference is energy efficiency. Trucks and SUVs need more gas. Simply put, the bodies of these cars are heavier, requiring more energy to make them move.

Crossovers have gas mileage comparable to that of a sedan, making it an excellent choice for someone who needs more space but always wants to save some cash at the pump. If you’re willing to give up some of the high-end added features, you’ll so see a cut in what you spend at the gas station since your crossover will feature a lighter body.


8. High Seating

Even though it seems like a small feature, many car buyers opt for trucks and SUVs due to the higher seating option. A sedan poses a problem for older men and women who will need to lower themselves into the car each time they enter. Even having a slightly higher row of seating will make the accessibility of the car better than a sedan.

The passengers aren’t the only ones who enjoy higher seating. The driver will be able to see the road from a higher vantage point. While this might not be a deal-breaker for many car buyers, it is an advantage!


9. Versatile, Rugged, and Sporty All in One

We get it. You want to zip in and out of traffic, have a quick response time, and do a little offroading now and then. Whether you’re spending your weekend in the city or doing some sightseeing in the mountains, you’re ready for wherever the road takes you next.


10. Overall Value

If you’re torn between a sedan and an SUV, a crossover might be the right choice for you. You’ll enjoy many of the benefits in an SUV without the price point. You’ll also reap the benefits of a larger vehicle including more legroom and hauling space, minus the triple-digit gas bill every time you go to the pump.

Many drivers have also reported that they feel safer in a crossover as opposed to a sedan. The majority of crossover vehicles come with all-wheel drive, adding to the sense of security consumers feel.


Is a Crossover Vehicle for You?

With so many cars to choose from, how do you know if a crossover vehicle is the one for you? The crossover has continued to see overwhelming success and now surpasses other vehicles on the road in terms of popularity.

If you’re ready to start your car buying journey, read more about how to get the best deal on a car without compromising what you want.