Common Car Buying Myths and Misconceptions, Busted

October 5th, 2019 by

There is a lot to know before getting the car of your dreams. Information on cars is free and easily attainable. However, this begs to ask this question: how dependable is this free information?

People, companies, and consultants will give you information on the different cars available in the markets. What these groups will not do is help you sort out the chaff from the rise. By chaff, false information is the target.

Why risk getting misleading information from parties who have nothing to lose? Why base your decisions on information that is nonexistent and immaterial in proper decision making?

If you’re in the market for a new car, you should know what’s fact and what’s fiction. Check out these common cars buying myths and misconceptions, busted.


Is the Internet the Best Place to Secure a Good Deal?

The answer is a big definite NO. While everyone all over the world has a lot to say about how the internet is life-changing, when it comes to car buying, such a perspective may not withstand. No one disputes or discredits all the incredible things that the internet can do.

Absolutely no one can say that the internet has a lot of negatives that by far outweigh the positives. Rather, what everyone would concur is there is a need to take care while trending on the internet. While securing a car buying deal through the internet, the only thing that can be agreed on in advance is the price.

Other factors such as the finance interest rates, the trade-in price, and others matters like the warranty are still subject to negotiation. In the long run, you might not end up getting the “deal of the deals.” Therefore, the stories that the best deals are attainable from the internet is but a mere myth. Don’t fall for it.


When You Find a Good Car, Take It or Count That as a Loss

It is not advisable to buy time when it comes to business deals. When the deal looks good, feels good, and doesn’t look like a shortchanging one, any business person should take it. While this advice is handy for most of the deals, it is not exactly handy when it comes to car buying.

Car deals keep improving with time. Better deals emerge day after day. Finding an awesome deal now doesn’t mean you have to take it immediately. All you have to do is to evaluate it properly. If some of the aspects do not line up with your needs, let it go.

Never ever be in a hurry to secure a car buying deal unless specific conditions prevail. A good example of such conditions is when the car you are into is a limited edition, and the supply will likely deplete in due time. Another instance is when you, as the buyer, are in a position to take advantage of a true loss leader.

When such examples of conditions don’t exist, take your time. A good car buying deal will always find you.


End of the Month Is the Best Time to Buy a Car

This myth, though not so common, exists with some car buyers. Some car buyers believe and try to propose to others that the end of the month is the best time to buy a car. They believe that this is when the car dealers strive to meet their target sales.

Well, some part of this myth might be true. However, as a buyer, all you need to ask yourself is what if the dealers already met their target sales way before end month? Who would be the loser in that case?

Not a single buyer can influence market conditions. Likewise, not a single car dealer has the ability to influence demand and supply. The question of when during the month is most appropriate to buy a car has no definite answer. As a car buyer, be on the lookout for the best deals always.

This should be regardless of the time of the day of the month.


You Should Wait Until the Last Minute to Mention Your Trade-In

How many times have you heard such a statement from different people? So many, right? Well, don’t ever fall for such a myth. All business people all over the world believe in the disclosure of all material facts early in advance.

Going against such a principle in business doesn’t put you anywhere close to making a deal of the century. What delaying disclosure of a trade-in will cost you is time. And in the end, the probability of getting a similar deal, with or without the timely disclosure, is close to one.

Why waste time and you can do things by the book? Everyone walks out a winner.


Don’t Go for Special Ordering, It Will Cost More

Every time someone mentions special ordering, everyone else in the room goes nuts about the price being high. In actual terms, special ordering only means tuning the car to meet your specific needs. This could go either way.

The tailoring may sometimes lead to a little higher prices while, under most occasions, the tuning would result in lower price. It is all dependent on the taste of the car buyer. Expensive taste means parting with more money while the vice versa is true.

Never fall for the general notion that special ordering automatically means high prices. You might be surprised.


Ready and Set for Car Buying?

By now, you are well informed about the most well-known and proclaimed myths in car buying. Most of these myths are not true, so research and understanding are critical in car buying. Never stop to listen to anything that lacks sufficient proof.

The myths of car buying highlighted above are some of the many existing in the markets. Beware!

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