COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update – April 1st,2020 Update


The world is changing quickly, and as of April 1st Manitoba has shut down all non-essential services. At this time, Viking Motors is deemed an essential service by the government and it is recommended we stay open. We help keep farmers, ambulances, police vehicles, hydro workers, and government vehicles stay on the road and we offer product replacements so they can continue doing the great job they are doing. Not to mention Viking Motors also is here to assist you to keep your vehicle running in case of emergency and those limited grocery store visits.


Viking Motors has implemented the following changes to reduce risk to staff, utility workers, farmers, customers, or as we call them – our extended family, along with continuing to offer adequate service levels.

  • We are offering free local service pick up / delivery of parts. You can schedule your service pickup online or by phone.
  • Our hours have been reduced along with employee levels to accommodate a five-day work week instead of the regular six days we had offered before. Until further notice, we will be closed Saturday & Sunday and open Monday – Friday.
  • We have sent our staff that have pre-existing conditions or ones that care for their family members with pre-existing conditions home.
  • Sales appointments are being offered via Facetime / Video conference to prevent unnecessary travel.
  • We are continuing to sanitize our building, equipment, vehicles, and products multiple times a day to keep our environment safe.
  • We have removed seating in our customer lounge to allow for a safe distance between visitors
  • Vehicle test-drives and deliveries will be appointment based and scheduled and done on a one-on-one basis.


Our main goal during this time is to keep our customers, employees, vendors, and partners safe during this time while making sure our staff can continue to put food on their tables for their families. We will continue to help keep the local communities we serve safe and functioning to the best of our abilities.