Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Summer – 10 Effective Tips For You

September 15th, 2019 by

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Summer


Car care tips to winterize your vehicle are everywhere, but no one talks about preparing it for the summer. While the winter can be tough on your vehicle, the blazing summer months can be just as brutal. It is that time of year when the dust, heat, and stop-and-go traffic can take a toll on your vehicle. Adding to the woe are the effects of last winter, and a sudden breakdown is not surprising.

Are you planning a fun-filled summer road trip? Make sure your vehicle is ready to bear the consequences of humid & hot summer months. Following some simple car care tips as preventive maintenance not only help minimize the overall wear & tear of the vehicle but also ensures safety and comfort in the warm weather.


Here are ten valuable tips to make your car ready for some fun summer driving.


Get Real Busy with the Tires

Tires are an integral component of your vehicle and contribute significantly to performance & safety. An underinflated or worn-out tire can be unfavourable for braking & handling and can even blow-out at high speed. Like most other sensible Americans, you will have dedicated pairs of winter & summer tires. Replace the winter tires, and inspect the summer tires thoroughly for damage & wear before you install them.

If you have season tires, scrutinize the rubber and check for uneven wear, prominent wear bars, or bubbles in the sidewalks. If you find the above damages, change the tire before you plan for a summer road trip. Read the owner’s manual to set the tire pressure as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Follow the above inspections for your spare tire as well.

Inspect Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are typically designed to work optimally at a specific temperature. The blades manufactured for warm weather are more efficient and flexible from those formulated for winter. No matter how expensive your winter wiper blades are, make sure you replace them because they are likely to become fragile and worn out at high temperatures. Refill the wiper fluid with a product recommended by the manufacturer.

Improved visibility ensures less stress and more excellent safety when you are on a road trip. In this regard, wiper blades come as cheap car insurance.

Give Your Brakes a Break

Freezing water, deep puddles, and snow can cause havoc to your vehicle’s brake pads. To make it summer-ready, a thorough brake inspection is a must. If you are technically sound, remove the brake pads to inspect them for heavy wear or cracking. If you aren’t sure of removing the brake pads all by yourself, hit up an auto parts store for a complete inspection of the brake system, or replace things that are worn out.


Check Your Engine Oil

Before you head off to a sun-drenched road trip, do not forget to check your vehicle’s engine oil. Having the optimal fluid level and oil condition is crucial for effective engine performance and overall safety of your car. Use your car’s dipstick to check the colour and level of the oil. If it is up to the fill mark and still has a shade of amber, you are fine. If the colour is amber, but the fluid level is low, you need to top it off. However, if it is black and dirty, change it immediately.


Keep an Eye on Your Brake Fluid

When it comes to vehicle safety and performance, brake fluid is as vital as tires. Any form of degradation of the fluid can significantly affect braking performance, and in some instances, may cause complete failure of the braking system. To avoid such conditions, check whether the brake fluid level is up to the full mark and is evident in colour. If it is grimy and dark, flush it out and replace it at the earliest. Since brake fluid is poisonous, get the job done by an experienced technician.


Keep the Coolant ‘Cool’

The biggest reason behind vehicle breakdown in summer months is overheating Your vehicle’s coolant plays a vital role in keeping the engine fresh and performing optimally on a long-distance road trip. Therefore, it is crucial to check your car’s coolant mix and coolant level regularly. The coolant level should be at the ‘full’ mark. You can visit an auto parts store to know whether or not the ethylene glycol to water ratio needs adjustment. Do not forget to close the radiator cap tightly or else the coolant can spill out completely, and cause unexpected engine breakdown. For maximum engine performance, the cooling system should be flushed out entirely and refilled once every year.

Check if the Air Conditioning is Working Optimally

A reliable air conditioner is the most desired amenity during the blazing hot summer months. Before you escape on an extended summer road trip, check if it is functioning correctly. If it is not cooling optimally, or having strange odour or noise, get it checked by a technician. The air conditioner may leak, needs cleaning, or just that the gas needs to be refilled.


Checking the Battery is a Must

After the freezing winter months, it is not surprising that your car’s batteries would need some warm-up. Batteries in modern cars comprise of lead plates that are perched in acid, which is diluted with water. Check the battery regularly to ensure that the fluid level is up to the brim. Use only distilled water if you want to top up the battery fluid at any time.


Top Up the Power Steering Fluid

Most new cars these days have power steering. However, many Americans completely overlook inspecting the power steering fluid during general servicing. Low and grimy fluid can cause the power steering system to fail unexpectedly. Check the owner’s manual to learn the steps to check the fluid level. Top it up if necessary, and replace it entirely if it has turned dark brown.


Give Your Vehicle a Good Wash

Chilled winter months take a toll on your vehicle. Right from the engine to the brake lines, everything gets flared up by constant torments of road salt, water, snow, and dirt. When you plan a road trip in summer, first give your car a good bath with top-quality cleaners and water. You can use baking soda to get rid of sand and road salt trapped on the vehicle’s body. Clean the wheels and underbody with high-pressure water. It is also essential to clean the interiors and underneath the seats. Do not miss washing the engine bay as a lot of dirt & grime accumulates there.

After the harsh winter conditions, it is time that your vehicle needs a thorough checkup to let you prepare for those pleasant road trips. It is always a good idea to follow the above car care tips to ensure superior performance & safety. However, if you need expert help, Viking Motors is still ready to get your vehicle available for summer. To get your car checked by experienced professionals, visit us in Arborg, Manitoba. You can also call us at 855-971-7077 to book a service appointment today.