Most Often Replaced Car Parts

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Regular, routine preventive maintenance and tune-ups on your car are essential to its continued proper operation. Even with normal wear and tear, here’s a list of the most common auto parts that often need to be replaced to give you an idea of when each one should be changed.


Your car battery


As your car gets older, the lead-acid battery that turns over the starter and helps the car run properly begins to fail. Your car’s fuel economy suffers and the risk of the car’s electrical system going down increases.


If your car dies when you’re away from home, you’ll likely require a jump start to get going again. Acid stratification and low charge are the most common reasons for battery failure. Poor driving habits that don’t allow your battery to fully charge can also create problems. Never leave your lights and air conditioner on when the car isn’t running, and don’t take short trips that don’t allow the battery to fully charge. Check your battery often for damaged cables, dirty terminals, or any other physical defects.


Exterior lights


Your exterior brake lights, taillight bulbs, turn signals, and other small external lights tend to fail over tim; have these lights inspected on a regular basis. Ask a friend or family member to stand outside while you test each of these lights. If your check engine light or an outside bulb or two has burned out, remove and replace each one and test it for proper operation.

Brake Rotors


Your brake rotors prevent your car’s braking system from overheating during regular use. However, over time, the brake pads will wear down and your car risks the possibility of a dangerous brake failure. Any squealing, grinding noises, or “pulsing” sensations when braking could indicate damage and the brakes should be checked as soon as possible.


Windshield glass


Flying rocks, dirt and debris can cause cracks and breakage to your windshield and should be taken care of immediately. Apply clear tape over any damaged area to prevent stress cracks from spreading. And, avoid temperature changes if possible until new glass is installed or more damage can result.




Proper inflation and regular rotation will help to extend the life of your car’s tires. Inspect your tires at regular intervals and make sure they are wearing evenly and show no signs of damage. If you spot a nail or other object embedded in the tire, have it taken out and the tire patched if necessary by a qualified mechanic.




Your car’s headlights are essential for night time safety. If your lights don’t provide enough brightness, the lower visibility puts you at risk for an accident. Replace burned out bulbs whenever a single headlight goes out. If both headlights go out at the same time, check the relay, fuses, wiring, and switches and replace any defective parts. If the lights are dimmer than usual, have the car’s alternator and charging system checked out.


Spark plugs


Check your owner’s manual and have your spark plugs changed on a regular basis. If you find that your car is having performance problems, such as difficulty starting the car, slow acceleration, rough idling, misfiring, or engine surging, it may indicate that your spark plugs should be cleaned or replaced by a qualified mechanic.


Remote keyless entry systems


A remote keyless entry system can be a lifesaver when you need to open your car’s door with an armload of groceries. However, these systems can often fail without warning. One of the most common issues affecting keyless entry to your car is battery failure in the remote control. This can be easily fixed by replacing the depleted battery with a new one.


Another common issue is caused by improperly storing the remote, accidental activation of the panic alarm or locking mechanism when buttons are accidentally pressed. If your keyless entry system does not work at all after replacing the battery, have your mechanic check the unit. There may be a bad circuit or motor in the vehicle’s door lock.


Door handles and locks


Your door locks and handles will often need to be repaired. These parts of your car are the most common ones you use and will often need frequent repairs. Repeated use of manual entry can cause a door lock to wear down and eventually fail completely. The lock cylinder mechanism that makes entry possible can be damaged by a key getting stuck in the door or even breaking off. Other problems can be that your key will unlock one door but not others or a key may go into the lock but not turn it to open. Have any lock problem repaired as soon as possible, for your safety and the safety of your passengers.




If you have a problem with your windshield wipers, flashers, heater, or other vehicle instruments, the issue may be with a fuse that’s beginning to fail. Locate your car’s fuse box and use a flashlight to check and see if any fuses have turned black or are missing the center metal section. A blown fuse cannot be repaired, but most car owners can replace a damaged fuse themselves. Otherwise, have your mechanic do the job.


Have these car parts checked on a regular basis and look for signs of wear that can indicate that a replacement may be needed. These are often the parts of your car that need to be replaced. These other parts can also need to be replaced during the life of your vehicle because of aggressive driving, your type of vehicle or unusually hot climates:


  • oxygen sensor
  • check engine light
  • other engine sensors
  • windshield wiper blades
  • air filter
  • fuel pump
  • fuel filter
  • windshield wiper blades
  • engine oil filter
  • water pump
  • engine serpentine belt
  • timing belt
  • fuel tank connections
  • wheel cylinders
  • brake calipers
  • shaft seals
  • master cylinder
  • vehicle’s electrical system
  • other electrical problems
  • automatic transmission,
  • and other car maintenance items.


With diligent vehicle maintenance under normal driving conditions, you can keep your car running properly and provide you the best driving experience for a number of miles and many years to come.


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