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  • Schedule Auto Service at Viking Motors

    Auto servicing is an important part of owning and maintaining any car you own. Major automotive manufacturers have created detailed servicing schedules that address a variety of automotive maintenance needs. These servicing schedules are often based on millage totals or time frames such as every 6 to 12 months and take a lot of the unpredictability out of knowing when to get your car serviced. Following your service schedule is not only convenient but it also keeps you safe and improves your car’s performance.

    Why Auto Servicing Is Important

    As you drive your car in Riverton or Silver you encounter a variety of environmental hazards and standard ware that all automobiles undergo during standard operation. Regular servicing addresses traditional upkeep needs such as oil changes, filter changes, belts, and various automotive fluids. Servicing also checks more advanced systems such as the transmission, exhaust, and braking systems checking for any issues or needed repairs.

    Why You Should Not Miss Your Scheduled Service

    Regular maintenance and servicing keep your car running as expected. This is highly important because unpredictable behavior or system issues such as brakes failing, engine stalling, transmission lock-ups, and other issues can cause accidents or leave you stranded on a Glen Bay roadside. In addition to your safety regular servicing also increases the lifespan of your car meaning it can last you many years and provide safe and responsive driving. Also, regular servicing can catch any repairs needs that you may not be aware of before they lead to a breakdown.

    Differences In Service Needs

    Not every car has the same servicing schedule and servicing needs. Differences such as your automobile’s age, transmission type, optional features, and other factors can make servicing needs vary greatly. For example, manual transmission needs servicing more often than an automatic due to design differences and fluid needs. Always consult your owner’s manual, manufacturer’s documentation, and advice from certified service professionals to ensure your servicing your car as needed.

    Finding The Best Mechanic For Service Needs

    At Viking Motors we proudly serve residents of Arborg and nearby communities such as Poplarfiled and you can trust that our fully certified staff can keep your car running at its best. To schedule your appointment our convenient online form collects your name, contact information, vehicle make and model, the services you need, and the best time to schedule your appointment. At Viking Motors, we can help with the service you need at a time that’s’ convenient for you.