The Best Family SUVs That Are Available on the Market in 2020

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Every family needs a perfect family vehicle. A vehicle that allows each member of your family to ride comfortably. A vehicle that has enough cargo space for all your kids’ sports equipment or all the gear you’ll need for a family road trip. A vehicle with all the bells, whistles, and safety features to make your drive enjoyable and keep your family safe.

For most families, an SUV is the best choice for a perfect family vehicle. Here are some of the best family SUVs on the market in 2020.


Chevy Equinox

The Chevrolet Equinox is the midsize crossover that families love. The Chevy Equinox has plenty of room for your family and everything they need, but it’s not too big. It’s the perfect size for you and your little family.

It’s got the features that make your life easier, like a hands-free liftgate for when your hands are full of groceries or gear bags. It’s also got the features that keep your family safer, like all-wheel drive and lane departure warnings.

Plus, it’s got all the features that make your drive more comfortable and fun. It comes equipped with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, so all you have to do is plug in your phone to safely access your phone, texts, navigation, and audio apps while driving. There’s even a wifi hotspot so passengers can use all their devices on your long drives.

The Chevrolet Equinox is the perfect midsize crossover for any family on the go.


GMC Yukon

When your little family gets bigger, you need a bigger family vehicle. That’s where the GMC Yukon comes in. It’s got a third row of seats, so there’s seating for up to seven. Not cramped seating either. Your whole family can stretch out and enjoy their legroom in a Yukon.

The Yukon is built on a truck body, which means it’s as tough as any truck on the market and can haul a camper for family vacations.

Unlike a truck, though, the GMC Yukon is built for your family’s comfort. The dual climate control system means that the people in the 3rd-row seat can be just as comfortable as the driver. And the comfortable leather power seats mean that each person can adjust their seat until they’re comfy enough to fall asleep.

The GMC Yukon is also specifically built for your family’s safety. It’s got lane departure warnings to tell you if you’re drifting a little bit. It also features blind-spot monitoring, so you know you’re always passing safely. The GMC Yukon even has parking assist to make sure you can get into any tight spot without dings.

The GMC Yukon is a perfect family vehicle for adventurous families who want to get where they’re going comfortably and safely.


Buick Enclave

The Buick Enclave isn’t your grandma’s Buick. In the past several years, the Buick brand has undergone a complete facelift, churning out stylish, functional, family-friendly vehicles that look as good as they perform.

The Buick Enclave combines style and function in a way that’s perfect for your big family. The third-row seats mean seating for up to seven, so you can be sure everyone from the neighbourhood carpool fits. Or just everyone in your family!

And everyone rides in perfect comfort in the Buick Enclave. Leather, power seats offer the perfect ride for everyone in the car. There’s plenty of space for everyone to stretch out without compromising cargo space.

This full-size SUV also comes with all the features that make your life easier. The hands-free liftgate is a parent’s best friend. The Apple Carplay and Android Auto mean you always have a hands-free way to check your texts, talk on the phone, or get your favourite music or podcast playing.

It’s also got all the features that make you and your family safer – a backup camera, parking assist, and a blind-spot monitor.

The Buick Enclave offers luxury with a family-friendly price tag.


Chevy Tahoe

The Chevrolet Tahoe is made for families headed out into the wild for all sorts of adventures. It’s built tough to handle any adventure your family is undertaking. It can handle off-road trekking as easily as your morning commute. And it has enough cargo space to fit all the gear that you need.

Whether you’re headed to work or the mountains, the Chevy Tahoe will get you and your family there in style and comfort. The automatic climate control means that everyone can be exactly the right temperature during the drive. And the leather, power seats mean that each member of the family can ride in total comfort.

The Tahoe also has all the technology that you’ve come to expect in a modern vehicle, and the memory settings mean that you can set your perfect preferences. So, even if someone else is regularly driving your car, you can reset to your preferences when you hop in the driver’s seat.

All of the technology that makes your drive enjoyable – Android Auto and Apple Carplay and an 8-inch infotainment center with touchscreen – and the features that keep you safe – collision alerts and rain-sensing wipers – make the Tahoe the perfect choice for you and your family.


GMC Acadia

The GMC Acadia is the perfect choice for your big family. Third-row seats provide all the room you need for everyone to get where they’re going. The impressive cargo capacity ensures that everyone can pack everything they need, even if you’re about to spend a week on the road.

The GMC Acadia also offers an impressive fuel economy, especially for a vehicle of its size. With 13 mpg highway and 9.4 mpg city, the GMC Acadia allows you to go further between fill-ups that most other SUVs on the market.

The GMC Acadia is also packed with the features that you love – a hands-free liftgate, complete integration with your phone so you can access everything safely while you’re driving, and a backup camera. It even goes one step further by offering a wifi hotspot to all your passengers.

The GMC Acadia is the perfect blend of function and form for your big family.


Getting the Best Family SUVs

These are just a few of the best family SUVs that Viking Motors has for your family. We have a lot full of the best SUVs available on the market, and the experts to help you pick the one that’s perfect for your family.

Drop by the lot today, or schedule your test drive today. We’d love to help your family get into the vehicle that works for you.

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