Things that affect Fuel Economy & Ways to Improve it

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Fuel Economy & Ways to Improve it


So, you are not satisfied with the performance of your car. Wondering why the fuel economy is so low when the dealer promised it would be higher? Is there something wrong with the car or is it you who does not know how to get the peak performance from the mean machine?


If that has been the case for quite some time now, then no need to worry. We are here to discuss all this and lot more.


This post will guide you through some of the common causes and factors that affect the fuel efficiency of a car.  Once we are done discussing that, we will focus on the ways that can help you improve the performance of your car.


Without wasting any time, let us begin with those points one by one.


Things that affect fuel economy 


There are plenty of factors that play a role in getting the most fuel mileage from a car. Here is a look at the things which might be causing a drop in your car’s gas mileage


Type of the car


One of the first, and the biggest factors, that play a role in the fuel economy of an automobile is the type of engine on which it runs. For instance, if you run a small hatchback car, you are surely going to get a higher fuel economy than what you will get while driving an SUV.


This is because smaller cars are more aerodynamically shaped with less rolling resistance and low aerodynamic drag. Big and boxy vehicles like SUVs offer more resistance to the air and hence eat up more fuel even on short trips.


You would be amazed to know that this resistance could lead to a decline of up to 10 miles per hour of fuel economy. Therefore, if you run an SUV but expect it to give the fuel economy of a small car, then you need to lower your expectations and warm up the car thoroughly before you take it for a spin. After all, you cannot expect every car to give the same performance.


Hidden weight


What’s hidden in your car’s trunk? Have you ever looked? Some people like to keep their trunk clear and clean, whereas there are others who simply don’t pay attention to the fact of what’s lying inside.


The irony is that without even noticing you might be adding up extra weight to your car, and bringing down its performance. The heavier the car, more fuel consumption.


Hence, you must always keep a check on what’s going inside your car. Otherwise, you might never even notice, but your vehicle will start to use more fuel than usual.


This is what hidden weight can do, which is something you would certainly not want to happen. If you’re going to get the best performance from the car, don’t forget to eliminate any unwanted or hidden weight from your trunk.


How you drive it


Are you a performance driver? Do you like to feel the thrill of speed? Your driving habits matter a lot when you are looking to enhance the performance and fuel economy of your car.


Aggressive driving, getting stuck in traffic, being an amateur driver – all of these driving habits could contribute towards bringing the performance of your car down as it increases fuel usage.


This is the reason that you need to consider all these factors when putting the entire blame on your vehicle itself and bring your driving style under control whether you ride a new or older vehicle.




When was the last time you received an oil change or service check? If you can’t remember, then how are you ever going to get better performance and fuel economy from your vehicle?


The way you maintain your car is going to be the most important and decisive factor in calculating the fuel economy of your vehicle. Remember, a poorly maintained engine is always going to burn more fuel than a well-maintained one.


Get your air filters cleaned on regular intervals, also get the carburetor checked, and this will make your engine smoother and better. This is one of the easiest ways to get the most mileage out of your car.


Age of the car


A younger vehicle with a new engine is certainly going to give a better performance than an older vehicle. If you drive a car that is older and compare its fuel economy to a brand new one, there will be no comparison. Don’t forget – with age the engine wears out, and its performance is automatically going to be reduced.




This might come as a surprise to many and shock to some, but the weather plays a definite role in the fuel economy. Hot weather boosts the fuel economy, whereas cold weather has its share of negative impact on the performance of a car.

This is because oil lubricates the engine better in warmer temperatures, and the engine warms up quicker. All these factors contribute towards a boost in the performance of the car. Although this is something beyond human control,  Proper warming up of the engine before taking it out is something you need to do.


How to boost the fuel economy of your car?


These were just a few of the reasons that could impact the performance of a car, and bring down its fuel economy. Now that you know about these let us have a look at the different ways which you can use to boost the performance of your car.


Keep the tires inflated


Tire pressure plays a vital role in the performance of your car. Therefore, you need to ensure the tire pressure in the car is always at the correct PSI (Tire Pressure).


If you are unsure of where to find the tire pressure, it is stamped on the side of the tire. Keep in mind the pressure is different for different makes and sizes of tires.

Tire Pressure Location


This is something that is not going to give you any trouble as most of the gas stations have automatic air compressors that can help you. If you don’t have any idea what the right tire pressure is for your car, you can also read the car manual.


Keep the engine up to date


The second thing that you need to do to generate better performance out of your car’s engine is always to keep the engine tuned up. Here are some of the things that you need to keep a check on for getting the best performance include:

  • Replace spark plugs often
  • Changing the oil on time
  • Keeping the air filters clean


If you keep all these factors under check, you can be sure to gain extra miles per gallon on your car.


Add additives


Another easy way to get better fuel economy and enhance your car’s performance is to add additives. You will notice that most of the manufacturers these days recommend using synthetic oil-additives to the fuel to get better performance while also recommending using top quality motor oil.


These additives make the fuel less viscous and boost the performance.


Slow down the speed


Another way to increase the fuel economy of your car, one of the most important things you need to do is to get your driving speed under control. Remember the faster you move the more fuel the engine consumes.


As a matter of fact, most of the cars come with a preferred speed for better performance. In order to get the best fuel economy from your car, you need to drive slowly and accelerate smoothly.


Plan it out


Planning is the best way to get an increase in performance from your vehicle.  By planning, what we are trying to say here is that you need to always plan regular repair and maintenance checks. As a matter of fact, when going out you should plan your route. Try to choose the route with the fewest stops and the least traffic.


You should analyze the performance of your car over a period of time. There can be times when even after keeping all these factors under check you might not be able to generate the the fuel economy you want. That’s when you need to get in touch with a car-expert and get it checked thoroughly.


After all, it is a vehicle. And you never know when something might go wrong.


Be safe, drive well


That’s about it. The post covers almost all the critical factors that drive the performance of a car’s engine. Follow this guide and watch your vehicles fuel economy get better.


So, are you ready to adopt these changes in your car’s life and your lifestyle to transform your mean machine into a fuel-efficient car?