Tips for Purchasing Your Next Chevrolet

September 25th, 2019 by

For over a century, Chevrolet has been making quality vehicles with the same pursuit of excellence they were achieving 100 years ago. Chevy’s reputation has been made the old fashioned way; it’s been earned. Every model of today’s Chevrolet is built with the same commitment to performance and safety as the last. This quality alone will ensure Chevy’s place in automotive history.


The Latest Technology

Chevrolet has always offered the latest in technology and design in the working man’s price range. When you buy a Chevy, you’re buying a quality vehicle that stays ahead of the curve to keep the tradition alive. Mylink technology connects your Smartphone to your vehicle’s computer. This gives you access to entertainment, navigation, and communication with the world. Touch screen, hands-free, and steering wheel-mounted controls also help to keep your attention where it should be, on the road.

With OnStar, you’ll be safe, connected, and ready for the road ahead in your new Chevrolet. OnStar offers a host of services designed to keep you informed and in total control during unexpected situations.


Advanced features

Chevrolet has many other advanced features such as forward collision alert and land departure warning. Along with the most sophisticated airbag systems in the industry, this help makes your Chevrolet the ideal choice. Rear vision cameras, rear cross-traffic alerts, and side blind zone alerts also contribute. With your new vehicle, you’ll always be informed every second about your driving experience.

Chevy’s value extends to extensive safety features for you and your passengers. From full-size pickups to SUVs, crossovers, to midsize sedans, compacts, to pure muscle vehicles, Chevrolet has every customer’s needs covered.


Genuine Chevrolet parts

The service department of your Chevrolet dealer keeps your Chevy running with genuine Chevrolet parts. It also keeps you current on any service specials that will often take place. And Chevrolet is Planet Friendly. Chevrolet was one of the first carmakers to develop an all-electric car. And, of course, Chevy will continue in the future to be eco-minded for every single customer.

When you decide to purchase your new car from your Chevrolet dealer, make sure you follow some basic, car-buying rules. Before heading into the dealer’s showroom, consider the following tips on how to navigate your path there to a smooth buying experience.


Do your research

Information is a car buyer’s best friend. Know the features and approximate prices of every vehicle and option you’re considering for your car purchase. Use your web browser to check the internet to see what other consumers have experienced with the models you’re thinking about. See how they compare to others in the same class based on a variety of factors, from performance to reliability.

Talk with your insurance agent before you buy. Different cars cost different amounts to insure, so find out from your agent how much it’s going to cost you to protect the vehicle you’re thinking about. And some insurance companies offer GAP insurance and vehicle service contracts. If these are of interest to you, find out what the costs are and compare them with the rates at your dealer to see if you’ll get a better deal.


Have a Pre-Approved Finance Offer

Before you start the shopping process and visit your local car dealership to purchase your next vehicle, have a pre-approved financing offer from your bank or credit union. This way, you can compare it with the dealer’s offer to see if they can make you a better deal and get the best price. Dealers work through several banks, not just one, and can often find you discounted loan rates or lower monthly payments. A dealer may also be able to offer you additional payment options as well, including a larger amount for your trade-in. Often a dealer can adjust your down payment, offer you a free loaner car, roadside assistance, and even satellite radio (for a limited time if available).

Before you can finance your new Chevrolet vehicle, it’s critical to know how much you can afford to pay each month and how much you can pay upfront as a deposit. Without having these figures in mind, you’ll be going into the purchase blind, and you might end up with much more car than you can afford.

Not only do you need to figure into your buying equation the price of the car and your monthly payments, but you also need to consider other expenses. Be sure you know what your insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs will be so you can also include those factors in your budget.


Know your Credit Score

Knowing your credit score and what information is available in your credit report can also help you get the best possible financing deal. New car financing and cash-back deals are typically only offered to people with the best credit scores. Take some time to make sure your credit report is correct and doesn’t contain any errors. These errors will blemish your record and cause you not to get the best financing deal possible.

Look over your Chevrolet dealer’s inventory to see what new models are currently available on their car lot. Many of these cars may have reduced prices and make your car shopping much easier to find the actual vehicle you might like the most.

Always take a test drive before you decide to buy. You’ll learn more about the car behind the wheel in 10 minutes than from an hour’s worth of research. Pay particular attention to your comfort and how well you can see out of the vehicle. Are you sitting too high or too low in the car, or is the seating position just right? Is the seat comfortable and easily adjustable? How does the steering wheel feel? Is the visibility out of the front and to the sides and back of the car, okay?


The Chevrolet Family

When you buy a new Chevrolet, you’ve become a part of a family. The Chevrolets our parents drove, the ones we drive today, and the ones our children will be driving in the future all part of a bigger system. Some might even call it, a family.

Of course, these aren’t all of the reasons you should consider buying a Chevrolet, but they are all excellent reasons. Even when you take away the logic and even the statistics, you’re left with a beautifully designed perfect vehicle for you and the best low price. One that comes in all models, shapes, and sizes that will always stand the test of time. In other words, the latest line of Chevrolet vehicles you’ll find at your local dealer is built for both work and play.


Viking Motors

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